A Word about art and photography...
Artistic painting and photographs could be considered opposites.
In one you start with a blank piece of canvas and add to produce an image...
in the other, you start with the whole world and learn to isolate
all but the essential image... “seeing” what already exists.
Photography increases your sensitivity to the world around you
and helps you to see the essential.

Much of my photography is related to my career study in biology/nature.
However my photography is not limited to nature.
Nature has a way of re-claiming man made structures and devices...
I find these subjects also captivating.
I find joy in looking close at a subject
and beauty in simple things that others may overlook.

All of my photography is now taken in RAW and on manual mode...
I prefer to be in charge of the final image, not the camera.
Post processing is done in Adobe Lightroom and fine tuned in Photoshop.
It is not just an attempt to enhance a photograph
but to bring the final image back to how it was previsualized
in my inner eye before snapping the shutter.