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2. My photography is a form of worship... it is how I see.

3. You must look, and then look again... seeing the gift of creation through the Holy Spirit in us and ultimately coming to know and praise the Giver.

4. Anything praiseworthy in my photography is from God, anything flawed is all mine.

5. Once I took a test to determine whether I was more left brain oriented or right... turns out I was exactly 50-50... I consider that a blessing.

6. Many never see the beauty in the common simple things.

7. For as we are what we think, we create as we see.

8. Knowledge is what you think you know in the here and now, imagination spans presence and time and is not limited by the facts... wisdom is understanding how to use both to enhance your growth.

9. I miss the senses of a child... they are so much more alive and inquisitive than an old guy's senses, though I still maintain a bit of childlike awe.

10. When I was a child we were allowed to eat any peaches that had fallen on the ground in a neighbor's yard. They were so juicy and sweet even though most had blemishes and showed insect damage. To this day I believe the sweetest fruit are those with the most bruises.

11. I would like you to see what I see, but, and perhaps more importantly, I would like you to see what you see.

12. Photography helps teach sensitivity.

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New Book... Photographic Artistry http://sightandlight.com/blog/2014/3/new-book-photographic-artistry




What others are saying about Larry's work...

1. "Your photography is exquisite... really beautiful." - Helen Longest Saccone (Nature Photographer Magazine)

2.  "I just looked over your beautiful work.  You have a great eye for peaceful compositions.  I love the way the camera can reveal something about the photographer too." - Guy Tal (Guy Tal Photography)

3.  "Your portfolio on your site is stunning - beautiful work." - Judi Hewitt (entertainment and Animal Welfare Campaigner)

4.  "Your words are beautiful and inspiring, as is your photography.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I looked at your website and I am in awe of your images, it is beyond mere platitudes.  If the Lord ever needed someone to show His creation in its full glory, then I am confident that He will be issuing you with the contract." - Michael James Muscroft LRPS

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Photographic Artistry HD video http://sightandlight.com/blog/2014/3/photographic-artistry-hd-video Once the video starts, click the "gear" icon (settings) and set the quality to 1080 HD for best results... it may take a few seconds to adjust.

1.  "Beautiful.  I fell into it while watching it." - Alessandra Viero (Channel Marketing Manager)

2.  "Awesome work!  I loved it.  I felt so inspired and driven after watching it.  You are a true artist."  - Joanne Barrios (Photographer at Creative Imagery by Design)

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Personal style... http://sightandlight.com/blog/2013/12/personal-style A question that is often asked of artists is, "What is your personal style?"

Personal style is a lot of things and definitely not some things. My personal style is not based on subject matter as an example. I do not limit myself to taking photos of any one thing, flowers for instance... it is not my style. :)

My images, my personal style, is more emotional than anything. Perhaps fortuitous, from the standpoint of unplanned. However, fortuitous, usually implies lucky... I do not consider it luck... I consider it "Spiritually" guided. This is not to present an elevated opinion of myself... anyone, and I do mean anyone, can be "Spiritually" motivated or guided... you just have to have the heart for it. In essence, you must learn to see with your heart as much as with your eyes.

I do not limit myself to color or to B&W. Some images to me convey a deeper meaning, a deeper emotion, in one format over the other. Saying that, I really love when an emotion is strengthened through a rich B&W print. Perhaps the result of working for years in my own B&W darkroom... perhaps because I value subtle shades of gray and definitive blacks and whites in photography as well as in my faith.

Speaking of subtle... my personal style is one with a strong background in "straight" photography with subtle modifications to bring the image back to how it was pre-visualized before snapping the shutter. Working with RAW files allows me (and dictates) that I modify the image somewhat. I also believe in cropping an image where necessary. Very rarely does a camera, any camera, present an image exactly how it was pre-visualized by the photographer. Post processing your RAW file is, necessarily, part of your style as it directly relates to your pre-visualized image.

I concentrate less on the technical aspects of photography when capturing an image and more on the feeling... something that happens only after you become so familiar with your camera and the settings that it is almost automatically an extension of a "heart guided" unthinking, physical action. There is a very strong temptation to set the camera on full automatic so as to concentrate on that "feeling" but you must ignore that temptation, take lots of photos, get to know your camera and the mechanics of photography, so that procedure becomes automatic using full "manual" on your camera. The camera is only a tool, like so many other tools, and it lacks the emotion necessary to define you and your style as a photographer.

I believe in simplicity and beauty in the common (even the unlovely). I believe that the weak can be made strong. I remain hopeful in the direst of circumstances. All of these things help define my personal style.

A photographer's style is directly related to how he/she thinks (more importantly, how they feel) and how their experiences have molded them to grow. As a photographer grows their style may change but it is always influenced by their complete history.

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Photographic Artistry? http://sightandlight.com/blog/2013/12/photographic-artistry Photographic Artistry - what the heck is that?

Is it an attempt to promote my work to the world as something special? Well, yes it is... :) It is something special to me. What you call it is non consequential.

My desire to photograph, my choice of subjects, and how I present the final image is a combined result of my experience, my emotion, my feelings at the time the image was taken (or at the time when it was re-processed). It is a sensitivity to what I look at... it is how I see. It is also a record of my personal growth as a photographer and as a person. So, yes, to me it is very special. By sharing my work with others, I am reaching out to those who may be a kindred spirit (or not) hoping that they will come forward and share with me their feelings about my images. I would hope that they would then go one step further and share a bit of themselves through their own images.

I do this work for me and as such, it is only I that must be satisfied. If someone else enjoys my work, for whatever reason, that is a definite plus. Should someone share the same emotion as I, or if I learn something more through them, all the more satisfying.

Each of my photographs is accompanied by my own reflection or, usually, a quote that carries a thought or feeling I associate with the image. Why someone else's quote? Words do not come easily to me so I frequently use the eloquent words of others. Perhaps in sharing a bit of my own thoughts I am removing the mystery of intent. Years ago, as a high school student, our English teacher would often ask what we thought was revealed by a poet in their work. No one really knew for sure what their intent was... but my thoughts were always wrong? I would have liked to have known the poet more deeply. You can learn a lot about a person from what they do but even more about their motive... how they think. Of course, even then, a person will only try to reveal what they want you to know. Ha... perhaps a little mystery is better.

Jesus spoke in parables... perhaps it was to lead those, moved by the Spirit, to seek His truth. He also speaks to us every day in images, throughout His entire creation, the better to understand Him and His Word.

Speaking of quotes... here are three of my favorites...

"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." - C. S. Lewis

"I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in." - George Washington Carver

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau

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New Domain name... http://sightandlight.com/blog/2013/7/new-domain-name Just added my newly created domain name for this site.  My goal was to create a domain name that was easy to remember, easy to spell, and not too long.  I wanted it to be all lower case and without blank spaces.  One that had elements related to photography and also Spiritual guidance. The hardest part was finding a dot com that was available and still met my criteria.  Finally settled on sightandlight.com ... so there you have it... sightandlight.com the Photographic Artistry of C. Lawrence (Larry) Doyle. 

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