46.Daniel E Gray, Sr.
Larry, it is indeed a pleasure to sign your guestbook!
45.Greg Maroney(non-registered)
I think you capture the inner essence of the subject you are looking at. Like a well crafted song, beauty is present in your photographs. Your images are quite stunning!
44.Carolyn Hulen(non-registered)
You are a blessing to the Body of Christ
43.Ted Walke(non-registered)
Hi Larry: Thank you for your great exhibition at Gallery At Second. It's an honor to have your quality art in our gallery. --Ted
42.Mairin Egge(non-registered)
I feel we share the same vision, capturing the beauty that surrounds us. I really appreciate your work and I'm so pleased to be exhibiting with you at Gallery@2nd.
39.Carol Ann(non-registered)
Thank you for your Faith in The Lord. I agree in all you have said. I too have chosen to accept the Lord. To learn more of him. Without Christ we can do nothing.

Your pictures are beautiful. I was trying to add you to be a friend. I see when I sign out. You have everything of me.

I see you do not have a friends list. So will try to save you in my fav.

God Bless!
37.Helen Longest Saccone, Nature Photographer magazine(non-registered)
Larry, exquisitely beautiful photography work. Thank you so much for sharing your spiritual vision with all of us. Warmest, Helen
36.Joanne Sgrignoli
I was smart this time and registered! I will be back. Your talent is exquisite.
35.Marty Barbush(non-registered)
Larry, your photography is beautiful; thank you for sharing it. You have quite a talent for capturing the beauty in things that are all around us.
34.Joanne Sgrignoli(non-registered)
Larry, You are very talented! Your photography is beautiful. I know just what you mean about what you see, that others don't. Photography has been a hobby of mine for more than 35 years. However, you're mu h more accomplished than I.
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